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Relaxation massage:                              60 minutes                        € 50,-           

Hot Stone-massage:                              60 minutes                        € 65,-

Sport massage:                                     60 minutes                       € 50,-

Head/neck/shoulder massage:                30 minutes                        € 35,-

Chair massage:                                     30 minutes                        € 35,-


We work exclusively on an appointment basis: weekdays starting at 8:00AM.

It is possible to plan an appointment in the evening (with the massage starting after 6:00 PM) or on the weekend. For evenings there is an extra charge of €15.00 and for weekends an extra charge of €25.00.

For longer term treatments there are possibilities for a discount.

For a massage at your home or in your hotel room in The Hague, (during the day, only postcode 2500,) we charge €85, inclusive tax and travel. 

All prices include VAT.



Chair massage:

Please contact us for a quote according to your needs. In many cases companies can deduct the costs of chair massage.




Algemene voorwaarden kunt u hier downloaden in PDF-formaat.