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We are Marc Tettero and Linda Vergalen and our team of independent chair masseurs.


“I started Reshape in 1998 because I wanted to work for myself. Before then I worked in sales and management in a completely different sector.

I started Reshape originally in order to do CACI face treatments, because I thought it would be commercially viable.  I realized quite quickly that the one to one contact with my clients, as well as the process of treating people through touch, interested me far more than just commercialism. Therefore, I began training to become a massage therapist.

In 2009 I began studies in haptonomy, a form of therapy where the client is encouraged to develop his or her sensory and emotional worlds and to use them as a medium for personal development.

In the meantime, my passion for massage has continued. I have “lain hands” on a large number of individuals and businesses, with, as result, a large range of loyal clients.”

… Marc’s strong points are his wonderful hands, his integrity and his ability to bring calm. Physical calm leads to mental calm….



“When I joined the practice in 2000, I had been working as a project manager at a design firm in Delft. I developed my massage skills alongside my day job and in 2007 I decided to follow my heart and to work exclusively as a masseuse.

Since then I have been happily giving massages in our practice and with various other companies in the area. It gives me great pleasure to bring calm to people and to feel that their bodies can relax even more.”

… Linda is a sensitive and caring masseur. While she massages you, gradually inner peace envelops you and you emerge completely rested…



Reshape is a small organisation, which means that contact with our clients remains personal and that we can quickly accommodate their wishes.

We have performed long- and short-term services for businesses and individuals over the last several years. This has created a stable core of devoted clients.